Perfect attire is no mean feat. It takes a keen observation of colour, pattern, and textures as well as a good sense of fashion to choose the right apparel for the right occasion. When it comes to men’s shirts, most are inclined to believe that there is very little to choose from. This is an absolute myth. Once you visit any reputed tailor in Wokingham, you’ll realise you have a wide array to choose form. If you are starting at compiling a sophisticated wardrobe that can cater to all your business as well as casual occasion needs, here’s a look at the shirts you must have.

2 Types of formal shirts you must possess:

Formal shirts are every man’s go-to when it comes to a business meeting or a corporate party. For such occasions, you need to wear a shirt with muted colours, refined material, and nuanced patterning.

  • Classic white shirt: Nothing exudes more class than a plain white shirt. Its most significant advantage lies in the fact that a white shirt can be paired with practically anything. It goes with a variety of blazers, ties, and trousers, be it colour of style. It can be worn either on its own or paired with a dark-shade tie and blazer to bring together a corporate look.
  • Simple striped shirt: If a monochrome shirt is too basic for your palette, you can opt for a striped shirt in lighter shades. Stripes accentuate your look while keeping the look professional. Make sure that the stripes are light in colour or extremely thin in density. This makes the shirt usable in a more significant number of ensembles. If you like your formal shirts crafted according to their measurements, then you can always opt for a tailor in Wokingham for your needs.

2 Types of informal shirts you must possess:

  • Camp-collar shirt: Camp-collar shirts are perfect for every casual get-together. Be it a beach party or an afternoon barbeque, camp-collar shirts are always in vogue. You can choose print cotton shirts with such a collar. A colourful print and a camp-collar can thus be ideal for summer as well as winter informal wear.
  • Denim shirt: Denim shirts never go out of fashion. They are every man’s must-have. A denim shirt is available in a variety of shades of blue. Choose according to your preference and what suits your skin tone best. You can wear it with any casual trousers or chinos and pair it up with some leather boots.

It is important to remember that you do not need to have thousands of shirts to look presentable. Identify the colours that you like and the ones that match your skin tone. Buying a few shirts accordingly and dividing your clothing into formal and informal sections can help immensely. If you are looking for a men’s clothing tailor in Wokingham, Anthony Blay specializes in providing quality menswear in a variety of styles and shades for all occasions.