Royal Ascot is one of the luxurious sports events that is specially arranged for the upper-class people of the country. Though it is a four-day horse-racing event at Ascot, England; this event is mainly known as a social event where men and women from the royal families and other elite class families gather and they wear their expensive and exclusive attires.

Hence, this event is also considered as a fashion event where the men and women want to be in their best look. Some people prefer to buy new suits for this event, and some consider hiring suits the best option. Suit hire for Royal Ascot is not a new concept. Many fashion designers have their dedicated collection of expensive suits for this event only.

Here are few tips on how a man should dress for Royal Ascot

Expert Guide for Men’s Fashion

The Royal Enclosure

This is the area specially reserved for the members and their guests. This area has a strict dress code, and every member, as well as their guests, must follow the same. Morning suits must be worn by the gents, and the colour of that suit has to be either black or grey. The suit must be accompanied by a waistcoat, tie, top hat and black leather shoes. High-quality, well-fitted and well-designed suit is must for the Royal Enclosure.

Queen Enclosure

Though you need to be in your formal dress, here the dress code becomes slightly relaxed. This is why it is the favourite section of many Ascot regulars. Here, morning suit is not mandatory. However, if you wish, you can wear it. A full-length suit with a paired jacket and pair of trousers is a must. The waistcoat is optional here, but the tie is a must. For the Queen Enclosure, you do not need to maintain any strict suit colour rule, but experts suggest that light blue or grey will be more suitable than any other colour.

Village Enclosure

Generally, the dress code of the Village Enclosure remains the same as the Queen Enclosure. A jacket, full-length trousers, collared shirt and tie – these are the minimum requirement as per the dress code for the Village Enclosure. The dress code has to be formal, but you can opt for something more contemporary rather than the traditional style.

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